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From: Andy O’Bryan
and Josh Hinds
Co-Founders of

Dear Friend,

Does everyone else around you seem to be getting the good things in life, while you seem to be falling just short of the life you’ve been dreaming of?

Imagine for a moment that your life is exactly the way you always wanted it to be. You’re doing what you wanted to do when you were a kid. You have everything you need. You’re happy, healthy and wealthy.

Doesn’t that feel wonderful?

Now rewind back to right now. You probably aren’t in that ideal place. Like millions of others, you’ve tried for a long time to achieve greatness in your life. You’ve tried the books both online and off. You’ve listened to audio programs and maybe even attended a seminar. These helped for a while and yet, here you are. Well, I have news for you:


You’ve been led down a path by conflicting marketing messages and slick slogans that try to convince you that the greatness you seek is just around the corner. Just purchase this product or that and your problems will be over. You’ll be able to magically bring in anything you desire with little or no effort.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work that way and here’s why:

You need a constant flow of uplifting, positive motivational messages every single day.

You see, remaining upbeat, positive and optimistic throughout your life is an uphill struggle because of the constant flow of negative messages coming at you from all around: the newspaper, the television, the music you listen to, the movies you watch, your friends, your co-workers and even your relatives.

It seems like everyone you come in contact with is just trying to survive, instead of seeing the best in themselves and others.

So your mission is to rise above it all and become the best you can be, right here, right now. To do this you need daily doses of optimism and strength, like a motivational multi-vitamin.

AudioMotivation is the answer you’ve been looking for!

When you enter our member area, you will be greeted by over 100 exclusive interviews with the greatest success minds, mentors and positive thinkers in the world.

  • People who command 5 figures for their speeches.
  • People who get 6 figure advances for their best selling books.
  • People who have shaped the futures of millions.

We tracked them down and convinced them to speak with us one on one, asking them questions they may not be used to, off script and unrehearsed.

They responded with answers you will not believe. Pure gold. Advice on wealth building, peace of mind, happiness, abundance, reaching your dreams, marketing, selling, perseverence, and much much more.

As a member you have access to this vast library of exclusive interviews and teleseminars.

You can listen online or download them to your computer so you can listen on a CD, in your car, on your MP3 player, wherever, whenever you wish.

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Just take a look at the exclusive, only-place-on-Earth, content-rich
interviews you can access as an AudioMotivation member!

Here’s a road map of where to find all the benefits listed on the AudioMotivation web site. Just listen to the interview of the
person in parentheses to discover these and other amazing
insights as part of your AudioMotivation membership!
  1. 5 secrets to achieving measurable success with anything in your life (Chris Widener)

  2. 5 tools for success that we already have within us (Chris Widener)

  3. How to become aware of, and conquer, the things that have stopped you from succeeding in the past. (Cynthia Kersey)

  4. How to change your “giving up” response to become an unstoppable success machine. (Cynthia Kersey)

  5. Learn the difference between a dream and a goal (Frank Gasiorowski)

  6. he scientific reason why it’s critical to write down your goals (Frank Gasiorowski)

  7. How to let go of resistance and create the life we always dreamed of (Guy Finley)

  8. The 3 most powerful words in the English language. (Guy Finley)

  9. Why success is a matter of motivation, and rarely a matter of ability, and how to harness that motivation to make fantastic, long term changes in your life (J. Gracia)

  10. Learn about the crisis of responsibility in the world and how to make it right in your own life (Jeff Keller)

  11. Why much of your happiness depends on who you associate with. (Jeff Keller)

  12. Find out what 3 words Michelangelo said on his death bed that speaks volumes about motivation and personal development. (Jim Donovan)

  13. Why most people on the self growth path rarely achieve what they want and how to overcome this little known roadblock. (Joan Sotkin)

  14. The 2 things to do that will change your life, if you do them every day. (Joan Sotkin)

  15. The one word we were told 150,000 times before we were 15 years old that has affected our lives, and how to counter that word to improve our lives today. (John Assaraf)

  16. Why if you love what you do doesn’t necessarily mean the money will come automatically. (John Assaraf)

  17. The 3 rules to understand about making money, and how they must all work together. (John Assaraf)

  18. How to change the mentality of Fast Food Thinking. (John Assaraf)

  19. The one must-read book that is recommended in more than 2 dozen of these interview sessions: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

  20. Learn what happens more often at 10:30AM on Monday morning than any other time and why it should matter to you. (Heart attack deaths—John DiLemme interview 1)

  21. Why 3 minutes of meditation is better than 30 minutes. (John Harricharan)

  22. The one sentence that changed the life of master motivator John Harricharan.
    (John Harricharan)

  23. Two of the most important ingredients in the success recipe. (John Harricharan)

  24. Discover one of the greatest obstacles to becoming wealthy and how to get beyond it.
    (John Harricharan)

  25. How to turn discouragement around in 2 steps. (John Harricharan)

  26. Find out what a Thank You Walk is. (Jon Gordon)

  27. How to be anyone you want to be just by sliding on a pair of Character Shoes.
    (Scott Stratten)

  28. The 3 words to say instead of saying “I can’t” (How can I—Scott Stratten)

  29. The differences in the ways that women and men think about money. (Loral Langemeier)

  30. Nothing will accelerate your success more than these two factors combined.
    (Loral Langemeier)

  31. Learn the $400 Success Secret(Loral Langemeier)

  32. Discover the “magnetic” power of gratitude (Mike Davison)

  33. Realize the magic of acting “as if” (Mike Davison)

  34. Hear the story of how legendary singer Ella Fitzgerald discovered her life purpose
    (Mike Davison)

  35. Hear examples of how popular movies, books and the media play upon people’s limiting beliefs (Randy Gage)

  36. Learn how to expect abundance in your life, which will result in extraordinary outcomes(Randy Gage)

  37. Hear about the list you can make to turn your mood around instantly. (Rene Godefroy)

  38. Find out exactly what to do, 3 times a day, that will help you achieve your dreams
    (Rene Godefroy)

  39. Discover what types of people make good spouses, leaders, employees and friends.
    (Rhonda Hull)

  40. Learn what to do before you go to bed at night and after you get up in the morning that will re-train how you think about the world around you. (Rhonda Hull)

  41. Understand the importance of thinking in the moment, which will unleash a power within you to attain anything you desire. (Robert Anthony)

  42. This one simple act will start a miraculous change in your life (Ron Henley)

  43. Learn the ultimate secret to sales success (Bob Burg)

  44. Effective networking by adapting a giving attitude, but beware of the one thing that will de-rail your efforts(Bob Burg)

  45. Unleash the 3 principles of the Success Formula(Bob Burg)

  46. 4 intangibles for effective leadership (David Ulrich)

  47. Learn to adjust your goals for maximum impact with the help of a 40 year old recording by the legendary Earl Shoaff. We’ll tell you where to read the transcript of Mr. Shoaff’s miraculous words. (Ron Henley)

  48. Learn the biggest challenge for employees working in a 24/7 environment.
    (Sally Helgesen)

  49. Discover the dangers of multi-tasking and how to avoid them (Sally Helgesen)

  50. Find out when the right time is to leave your job and pursue your dream
    (Suzanne Falter-Barns)

  51. Take steps to radically increase your energy level in 7 days (Jon Gordon)

  52. 70% of us automatically have this nasty habit when we’re at a computer keyboard. We’ll tell you what it is and show you how to correct it (Suzanne Zoglio)

  53. 7 ways to instantly recharge when you’re feeling stress or fatigue (Suzanne Zoglio)

  54. The one belief you must have for massive sales success—and life success. (Tom Beal)

  55. Find out ways to learn to selectively forget the past and work on the right things in the present to create your ideal future (Vijay Govindarajan)

………and hundreds more secrets and buried treasure are yours to be discovered in the 100+ interviews and teleseminar recordings, compiled over the past 4 years of AudioMotivation sessions……

Plus you’ll have access to dozens of downloadable transcripts so you can print them off and read at your convenience!

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Here’s what some of our members have to say

"Once again, I want to tell you how much your site has helped and blessed may sound unbelievable, but I don't have even one positive person in my life who is an encourager in the way that I need in order to make the H-U-G-E career change I'm trying to when I found your site and tried it out...I had my answer.

Listening to all these success stories and motivating messages keeps me going from day to day...I really am thrilled with it...even though at this time I'm not what you would call 'financially secure', (YET)... I can't afford to not have membership with your site/service...evening TV is a thing of the past as I putter on the computer and listen...listen...listen...I feel like a huge sponge...but I refuse to be wrung out".

- Dr. Fran Sousa,
AudioMotivation Member

"Your product is priceless."

- Adin Brown,
AudioMotivation Member

"Check your e-mail, Josh and Andy, and you'll find my paid one-year subscription to your new motivational resource,

I know the value of listening to positive audio messages on a regular basis - and you've developed a library of interviews that is nothing short of remarkable.

I've already listened to more than a dozen of the interviews and they're captivating and inspiring. I'm learning about the latest motivational strategies and I appreciate hearing different perspectives on motivation and success.

What I also love about is that I can access these interviews whenever I want on my computer, 24/7. No cassettes or CDs to buy! The "give and take" of the interview format leads to some fascinating and insightful responses from your guests.

I'm recommending to my own clients and audience members because it's an unbeatable value."

- Jeff Keller
Author, Attitude is Everything

" offers a truly new, exciting and practical approach to being your best, with more online every day! Where else can you listen and learn so much, on your own schedule? Thanks Josh and Andy!"

- Ken Shenkman Ph.D.

"The interviews are brilliant. You've done an excellent job. Your site is the best of its kind that I've seen. I feel like a gold miner who's just found a new mine.

I absolutely love these audio interviews and I'm listening constantly (even as I write this). Thanks for taking the time to put these together. Keep up the great work."

- Andy Henry

"Wow! What a fantastic collection of resources. I am really amazed with the quality interviews that are available in the membership area. You managed to convince these busy achievers to contribute - Robert Anthony, Joe Vitale, and John Harricharan, just to name a few...

Anyone who needs inspiration and motivation will greatly benefit from the high quality resources that are available from AudioMotivation. You have my recommendation!"

- Richard Quek

"This is the website of the future leaders of the World. Andy and Josh have taken web-based learning and wisdom to a new level. They have created the motivational website for our future World leaders. Listen to these messages and be prepared to change your life. You will be able to Create your Dreams and Achieve your Goals with AudioMotivation. Go for it. If you don't sign-up now, when will you do it? You have this moment to make a decision to start. Your choice to make things happen is now".

- Frank Gasiorowski

"AudioMotivation has been a tremendous source of...well, motivation. I love listening to inspirational entrepreneurs such as Randy Gage, Dr. Joe Vitale and Cynthia Kersey. Nothing gets me fired up like listening to the successful people talk about achieving greatness!"

- Jim Labadie,
Tampa, Florida
AudioMotivation Member

"For the first time in my life I am taking my written goals seriously and applying myself to achieving them. I am making good progress. It can only get better. Listening to the audios frequently is changing my mindset and my life."

- Ismail hoosen Mahomed
AudioMotivation Member

"For the last 10years I have built and transformed myself from a burned out Corporate Exec, through chronic illness and family turmoil into a very serene and dedicated coach specialising in building up people's confidence, understanding of life and re alignment.

Having peeled most layers over the years AudioMotivation has helped me remove the last layer, given me the strength to give up consulting and my old life and concentrate purely on coaching, mentoring and now speaking in public. By bringing well known names who willingly share has encouraged me to make the final step of a total life time commitment."

-Philip A Gee

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"I became a better person, helped me a lot in my personal development... "

- Vincent De Cock

"Through you I have connected with other coaches and been able to develop some joint ventures as well as learn from others what makes their process a success."

- John D. Buerger,
CFP® Wealth Coach

"WOW!!! It helps Motivate me, give me HOPE , helps keep me POSITIVE. I was really struggling until AudioMotivation."

- Donald Chapman,
Albany, GA

"I'm addicted to AudioMotivation every day. AudioMotivation is a great gift. Thanks,and Please never STOP. Thanks Andy,Thanks Josh "

- Eugen Burdusel

"I listen each day to get me in right frame of mind for facing the dqay with a positive attitude. "

- John Donaldson

"I only signed up yesterday, but I'm always looking for good sources of motivation and information and this looks like it will provide that."

- Nancy Van Hoven

"I have only been a student of Self Developement for the past 2 years, but in that time have spent quite a bit of money on different products etc. AudioMotivation represents unbelievable value for money. Thanx a million Andy and Josh. "

- Andrew Fenwick,
AudioMotivation Member

"Having so many interviews to choose from enables me to gain access to an unlimited number of experts and if one does not hit the spot then there are many more all willing to share their advice and their knowledge.

It is this willingnes to share that makes AudioMotivation a "must have" addition to my arsenal of success tools. Having been an information "junkie" for several years the interviews have given me the shove a needed to actually get up and take massive action instead of "pottering".

My life has been transformed because of this. Hearing so many people share their experiences is so much better than just reading about them. I still read but now I am selective as to what passes into the grey matter. I am motivated in a way that I have never been on a level that I thought was impossible.

All areas of my life have received an injection of enthusiasm and vitality and I am attracting clients on an unprecendented scale. (I am a Complimentary Therapist) I have lots of energy and awake every morning with a huge "Yes".

Thank you very much. You are a much needed voice in the field of personal and professional development."

- Christine Barwell
AudioMotivation Member

"AudioMotivation has been a tremendous source of...well, motivation. I love listening to inspirational entrepreneurs such as Randy Gage, Dr. Joe Vitale and Cynthia Kersey. Nothing gets me fired up like listening to the successful people talk about achieving greatness! "

- Jim Labadie
Tampa, FL
AudioMotivation Member

"I have found personal satisfaction And revitalization from ideas I haven't thought of recently until they were brought up on your site. Ideas relating to not only achieving goals but also ways to become financially secure and positive minded."

- Sonny Julius
AudioMotivation Member

"It makes me more excited about my days, knowing that I have an alternative to music or broadcast radio. With this option, it seems that I always have an attractive and exciting choice of input. It seems like I end my workdays more energized than when I arrive at work, and that makes my evenings wonderful. "

- Suzanne
AudioMotivation Member

"Helps me to stay motivated; I feed my mind great material everyday. "

- Melvin Hill
AudioMotivation Member

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