About Andy and Josh

Josh Hinds is the author of ‘It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!’​, ‘Why Perfect Timing is a Myth’​, and ‘Motivational Quotes for Living Big’​, available on Amazon & other retailers by Googling each.

I’m passionate about online publishing, content marketing and SEO / SEM — especially with regard to helping individuals & organizations grow their audience & enhance profitability. I began working with search engine optimization and organic traffic building when I founded my first website in late 1996.

Throughout my career I have worked with organizations across different industries to gain measurable improvements in the areas of marketing and business development. I founded, and still run an online community, made up of several niche websites, as well as a related email newsletter list.

I founded my first internet based business in 1996, an online community, serving those with an interest in personal and professional development. Since its founding, the web site has been visited by millions of people from all over the world.

I run several professional development web sites, which include: GetMotivation.com, BusinessNetworkingAdvice.com, SalesTrainingAdvice.com, BusinessLeadershipAdvice.com

Andy O’Bryan has been writing copy since 1985 when he was working at a local radio station as a Midnight to 6am disc jockey. He was also marketing director for a Fortune 100 company for 12 years.

I met Josh right after I left my corporate marketing job, and we founded AudioMotivation in 2004 before the days of social media, so it was much harder to secure big interviews.

Despite that, I managed to land incredible sessions with people like Brian Tracy, Bill Bailey, Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitley, John Assaraf and so many other icons of the motivational industry–all with a piece of Radio Shack equipment stuck to my rotary telephone!

Today it’s different. The technology is much better for starters, but it goes deeper than that. I’ve been through so much since 2004 both personally and professionally, with a lot of ups and downs, and today I’m looking at these new interviews with a fresh perspective. Moreover, I’m listening back on some of these “vintage” sessions with a different mindset, and they are truly powerful and life altering.

You can hear all of these older sessions in the member area. I hope you can join us so you too can experience an epiphany, a few a-ha moments and, quite possibly, something that will alter the course of your future.